The Northern Colorado Quarter Horse Association (NCQHA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote and encourage the breeding and raising of the American Quarter Horse and to provide members with opportunities to fully enjoy their horses.
Early members recall that the club had its beginning in 1963 when Shorty Creed and Tom Peterson were returning to Colorado from a breeder's sale in Illinois. As they traveled, they discussed the possibility of forming an association to promote the sale of quarter horses. After discussing the idea with several people at the National Western Stock Show that year, they decided to form an area breeder's club.

The first meeting was held at a motel east of Ft. Collins. The charter members were: Hank Boehmer, Bill Bonser, Scott Carothers, Meford Christensen, Shorty Creed, Mark Counce, Pat Garrison, George Legino, Gene Nix, Leonard Nix, Tom Peterson, Walter Rothe, Bill Shannon, Charles Swanson and Frank Ulrich. The club sponsored its first quarter horse sale and horse show in 1964.

Areas we serve

Times have changed and NCQHA has gone along with these changes. Although the horse sale is no more, activities have increased to include:
  • Two horse shows
  • Numerous trail rides
  • Awards presentations
  • ..and a Christmas Party

The membership has grown steadily since its early beginnings but it still maintains its family roots.

For more information please call (970) 686-2076 or email us